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Traverse City Building Repair and Renovation Specialists

At Metal Tech Building Specialist, our Traverse City building repair and renovation specialists provide our customers with a wide range of building services that include:

Traverse City Building Restoration

Metal Tech’s renovation services can restore any building exterior or interior while assisting the client with their budgeting, architectural services, site plan, permitting, site supervision and their design phase and project assessment. In addition, their building repair services can range from structural repair to siding and trim repairs to roof leak repairs.

Traverse City Building Repair

Since Metal Tech first started offering building repair services in 1999, our building specialists have repeatedly exceeded expectations in quality of work and customer satisfaction. By providing clients with building renovation solutions, our building contractors have earned Metal Tech Building Specialists a top ranking nationally amongst others in the building services industry.

If your building would benefit from one of our many building services, please do not hesitate to contact one of our Traverse City building specialists at (844) 585-4456.






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